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One of the eyewear products that we have to offer to our Huntersville, NC customers are glasses that can successfully block out blue light.

Blue light is emitted from many different sources, including computers, the sun, televisions, lightbulbs, cellphones, and tablets. More and more adults, as well as children, are being exposed to excessive amounts of blue light than ever before. When your eyes are exposed to significant amounts of this light, you may struggle with tired eyes, light sensitivity, and loss of sharp contrast vision. Additionally, studies have shown that exposure to blue light can contribute to more serious vision problems, such as macular degeneration and focus issues.  Studies have also found blue light to interrupt your body’s ability to produce melatonin, which can cause sleep problems.

Although your first reaction upon hearing about the dangers of excessive blue light exposure may be to try to rely less on electronics, this can be hard to do if you are required to use technology on a daily basis for either work or school. Although doing what you can to limit how much blue light your eyes are exposed to is a good idea, at Vision Center of Lake Norman, we have another solution.

Why Do My Eyes Get Tired Looking at a Computer Screen?

You may have noticed your eyes getting very tired or even dry the longer you look at a computer screen or surf the internet on your phone. There are several reasons why this can occur, and knowing why it happens might help you make adjustments to improve your vision and your eye comfort.

  1. When looking at a computer or phone screen, we tend to not blink often enough, causing eye fatigue and dryness.  Consider the “Rule of 20” – take 20 blinks for 20 seconds while looking at something about 20 feet away.
  2. Blue light from computer monitors and phone screens can cause digital eyestrain, causing discomfort and headaches.
  3. The brightness of the screen can cause light overload for our eyes. Adjusting the screen brightness down may provide some immediate and long-term relief.

At our office serving the Huntersville, North Carolina area, one of the eyewear products that we have to offer are glasses that can successfully block out blue light. If you are interested in these glasses, we would be more than happy to give you more information about them and their benefits.

We look forward to meeting all of your vision and eye care needs now and in the future. Please contact us today to find out more about our eyewear products, including those designed to block out blue light, and how we can assist you.

At Vision Center of Lake Norman, we can help protect your eyes from blue light in Mooresville, Davidson, Troutman, Sherrills Ford, Terrell, Huntersville, Statesville, and Cornelius, North Carolina.