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Mooresville or Newton, NC

Eye Doctor

Mooresville, NC

Our eye doctor, Dr. Chuck Monson, truly cares about each one of his patients in Mooresville, NC.

Are you looking for a new eye doctor in the Mooresville, North Carolina area? If you are, come and see us at Vision Center of Lake Norman. When you visit our office, whether it’s for a routine examination or for help with an eye problem, you will receive compassionate service from every member of our team.

Our eye doctor, Dr. Chuck Monson, truly cares about each one of his patients. He is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill and the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. He is also, a member of many professional associations, including the American Optometric Association and the N.C. State Optometric Society.

We encourage you to keep in mind that even if you don’t have poor vision, you can still benefit from seeing an eye doctor on a regular basis. When you make consistent appointments at our office, we may be able to detect eye problems before you develop noticeable symptoms. Additionally, by coming in for regular appointments, we may be able to catch other types of health problems, like diabetes, early on. Please remember that how often you need to get your eyes checked largely depends on your vision, your current eye health, and your age.

4 Reasons to Go See Your Eye Doctor

When was the last time you went to the eye doctor? Unless you have poor vision, seeing an optometrist probably doesn’t make it onto your to-do list very often. At Vision Center of Lake Norman, we want to change this. Here are four of our top reasons why you should make an annual appointment with our eye doctor a priority:


  1. Establish a baseline—It’s hard to detect a problem if you don’t know what normal is for your vision. When you meet with our eye doctor regularly, we’re able to gather baseline information for what your vision and eye health are like. If a problem ever develops, we’ll be able to catch it quickly by comparing your history.
  2. Catch potential problems—With regular eye exams, we can help detect diabetes, strokes, high blood pressure, autoimmune diseases, and more. We can also protect your vision if you struggle with a health problem that affects your eyes.
  3. Ensure clear vision—A little eye strain and nightly headaches are normal, right? No! Unfortunately, these are abnormal symptoms that indicate your eyes are working harder than they have to so you can see. We’ll check your vision and determine if you could benefit from prescription lenses.
  4. Develop good timing for exams—Some people should see an eye doctor at least once a year, or more or less. We’ll set you up with a good exam schedule based on your current needs and the health of our eyes.

We have been serving the residents of Mooresville, North Carolina since 2006 and would love to have you become our newest patient. To schedule an appointment with our office or to find out why you should see an eye doctor at our location, please contact us at Vision Center of Lake Norman today.


At Vision Center of Lake Norman, our eye doctor proudly serves residents of Mooresville, Davidson, Troutman, Sherrills Ford, Terrell, Huntersville, Statesville, and Cornelius, North Carolina.