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Prescription Sunglasses

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We will help you find a pair of prescription sunglasses that complements your facial features, budget, and lifestyle preferences in our Cornelius, NC area office.


Wearing sunglasses whenever you go outside can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and reduce your risk of developing an eye disease like macular degeneration or cataracts. However, if you wear glasses, putting sunglasses over your normal glasses so you can still see what’s in front of you isn’t a comfortable or viable option.

Luckily, at Vision Center of Lake Norman, we have a solution. Our selection of prescription sunglasses is designed to help you switch from your regular glasses to your sunglasses without compromising your vision.

If you are interested in prescription sunglasses, the first thing you will need to do is schedule an appointment with our Cornelius, North Carolina area office for an eye exam. During this exam, we will make sure your current prescription is correct and your eyes are healthy. Then, we will help you find a pair of prescription sunglasses that complements your facial features, budget, and lifestyle preferences.

Prescription Sunglasses are the Ultimate Driving Accessory

Many of our patients interested in prescription sunglasses ask us when they should use their new glasses. The main answer we give is that they should always be worn while driving during the day. Sun glare is a serious problem that causes accidents all the time out on the road, so wearing prescription sunglasses can enhance your ability to see while driving and prevent accidents. Wearing prescription sunglasses can also be beneficial when you plan to go to the beach or play sports, but you don’t want to wear a pair of sunglasses on top of your regular glasses. This way, you block out the sun and look stylish at the same time!

When you come and see us for prescription sunglasses, be sure to take a look at our selection of standard frames while you’re at it. Whether you want to update your look or your current frames are falling apart, we can help you find and select a new pair of standard eyeglasses, as well.

With a pair of prescription sunglasses, gone are the days of squinting when you spend time outdoors and struggling as you try to drive when the sun is out. Get in touch with us at Vision Center of Lake Norman for more information about the different sunglasses that we carry.





At Vision Center of Lake Norman, we offer prescription sunglasses to residents of Mooresville, Davidson, Troutman, Sherrills Ford, Terrell, Huntersville, Statesville, and Cornelius, North Carolina.